Welcome to Maharani

I have over 40 years experience in the restaurant and takeaway sector within the UK and I have firsthand experience in setting up restaurants in the UK. I would like to think my experience, ability and wealth of information about food is credited as responsible for the many prestigious awards my previous restaurants have achieved.

A wealth of management and operational experience is in the forefront of my contribution to the Maharani. In addition I hope to use this experience to ensure you get the highest standard of food and service.

I feel strongly that we all have an obligation to help our community and so I am a fellow of Suffolk New College and I also sponsor in the catering department at Suffolk College. I am a board member at the Diabetic Users group at Ipswich Hospital and also a member of the hospital’s Equality and Diversity Users group. In addition I’m also involved with the Ipswich and Suffolk Bangladeshi Muslim community centre and Mosque, and Chairman of the Suffolk Bangladesh Society.

Minhaz Miah :

Hello, I’m Minhaz. I work in the restaurant with my father, Manik. I am very proud to be part of this family run business, and to support the smooth running of the restaurant in a management role.
I am responsible for deputy management of the restaurant, and work with my father in making decisions to develop the restaurant, and to serve the local community.

I ensure the chefs and waiting staff process your orders to ensure that all items are prepared properly and on a timely basis. My experience in communicating with front and back of the house personnel means a smooth order that meets or exceeds your expectations.